Get rid of your PMS & PMDD naturally!

Your custom period box and app that take care of everything. 

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Your hormonal profile in 5 minutes!

Do you want answer on your body & your menstrual cycle? 

Backed by science, Our diagnostic identifies PMS, PMDD, period issues and hormonal imbalance. Try it, it's free!

4 simple steps to hormonal freedom

Mena aims to give women who suffers from PMS, PMDD, irregular or painful periods, the hormonal freedom they deserve to live their lives to the fullest.

  • Take the quizz
    Take the quizz, we identify your hormonal profile.
  • Personalized box
    Get your personalized box recomendation
  • Customized your box
    Customize your box
  • Fast delivery
    Get it delivered automatically each month according to your cycle, start using Mena app!

How Premenstrual syndrome affects women worldwide

  • 75% PMS

    Percentage of women of reproductive age experiencing some form of PMS.

  • 8% PMDD

     Around 8% of menstruating women are affected by PMDD.

  • 84 Days

      PMS and PMDD affect 84 days a year in a woman of reproductive age.

  • 8.5 Years Total

     Total number of cumulated years of poor quality of life in a woman's lifespan, due to PMS or PMDD.  

Get Pre Launch Access

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All-in-one solution for PMS, Period issues and hormonal imbalance.

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Your pocket PMS assistant

Mena mobile application is designed to support you in using our natural solutions in the best way possible and to provide you a holistic approach to get smooth, hassle free cycles.

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  • Track

    Track your fertile windows, periods and know in advance when PMS/PMDD is going to start. Log, predict and examine your PMS symptoms to analyze your evolution over time.

  • Plan

    Plan in advance "Hell week" to make your life easier with a complete routine planner including batch cooking planner, chores organizer, grocery Shopping list and social calendar optimization.

  • Act

     Custom reminders to use your mena solutions, cycle-based exercise and nutrition recommendations, symptom-based coping strategies grounded in psychology and mindfulness techniques, community chat and emergency support for life threatening situations.

  • Affordable Pricing for Everyone

    Two formulas, a first time reset package and a maintain package. Delivery according to your cycle, satisfied or reimbursed.

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      3 months to bring your hormonal system back to stasis, from:
      • 3 sets of periodic protection
      • 3 months Reset supplements and herbal teas
      • 1 heat pad
      • 2 menstrual skincare products
      • 1 Motivating book or Aromatherapy
      • Personal health & lifestyle assessment
      • Premium Mena app subscription for 6 months
    • Web maintenance


      Monthly care package for hassle-free and perfect cycle, from:
      • 1 set of periodic protection
      • Custom monthly supplements selection
      • Custom Monthly herbal tea selection
      • 1 beauty product
      • 1 motivational book or Aromatherapy
      • Monthly Mena app subscription

    Get a perfect cycle now!

    Sign-up to be part of our early-customers and get a 15% discount!

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    Our story

    From surviving to thriving

    Sophie Fluzin - Founder

    Where it all started: "I struggled for many years with PMDD, never properly diagnosed, my GP and Ob-Gyn only answers were to take the pill or anti-depressants, I did and it made everything worse. I started to look for alternative ways to deal with this condition. I tried a blend of lifestyle change, supplement and medicinal herbs used for centuries. After trial & errors, I am happy to share the good news: it works. I have been free of PMDD for 5 years now. I am now on a mission to help women get a pleasant, hassle-free menstrual to live their life to the fullest!" Sophie, Founder of MyPerfectCycle.
    Sophie story   site

    Eliana Diaz - Co Founder

    "From a society where women's reproductive health is taboo, and after dealing with premenstrual issues for years (PMS), it took me time to realize that woman body literacy is one main key to understanding how the menstrual cycle works and finally finding the path to get in control of my own nature with the best natural treatments, which brought much more wellness in my life and allowed me to start to help other women to change or avoid the impacts of inaccurate diagnosis and prescriptions or accept a status quo that not embrace her essence instead of support a healthier, safety and happier life".
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